Individual Therapy

Kikkli can help with a broad range of difficulties such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, sexual abuse, relationship difficulties, addictions and identity issues amongst other things.

We offer individual face-to-face therapeutic support. This support can be short or long term, depending on individual need. We take referrals from ACC (Sensitive Claims), Ministry of Social Development (Work and Income), through GPs, AoD support organizations and also directly from you or a family member.

You are welcome to come in for an initial consultation session that is usually 15 minute long. This meeting is free of charge and does not mean that you have to commit to working with us.

Please contact Kikkli for information about individual session costs.

Please note that you may be eligible for the Disability Allowance through Work and Income (WINZ)  to contribute to the cost of therapy. For more information please visit the Work and Income NZ website.
We also provide discounted sessions for students and trainees.

Supreet is ACC Sensitive Claims registered. You may be eligible for ACC-funded support if you have suffered a mental injury as a result of sexual abuse or sexual assault. For more information please visit their website.