Pandemic and Mental Health

Why is this pandemic triggering mental health issues? Uncertainity; when we encounter the unknown, we project scenarios into that space, based on our past experiences. We become scared and unsettled when we have an experience of ‘incongruence’ in the environment.A lot of different information being fed to us; be honest and congruent with your own […]

Uses of poetry therapy

Direct uses of poetry therapy include bringing about self-understanding, side-stepping defence mechanisms of repression and suppression, reframing situations and providing a chance to connect with reality in a safe manner (Olson-Mcbride & Page, 2006). Others have found poetry to have helped them in a more complex way, by being “an exceptional aid in helping develop […]

Reflections on Positive Psychology

I’ve read a few books on positive psychology in the past year and the one thing I’ve realised is that there a massive amount of literature on something so new in such a short period of time. The kind of interest positive psychology has garnered is testament to the kind of pragmatism and energy it […]

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